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    Facebook, as if it is today’s most important need. Facebook is more used and more popular than other networking sites in social media sites, which is a free social networking website. Do you also know the secrets of your favorite website Facebook?

    These social sites provide us with many more facilities that we have a lot of benefits, so here you are going to get acquainted with some interesting facts of Facebook, you will definitely be surprised to know them. Let’s have a look.


    1. Facebook website not only in Hindi and English and some selected languages, users can translate Facebook page in 70 different languages according to their convenience.
    2. Even if you do some other work on the Internet by logging in Facebook account, Facebook is still recording all your activities.
    3. There are currently 30 million dead people on Facebook !
    4. Mark had taken the decision to name Facebook’s Like button earlier Awesome. But no one listened to Mark.
    5. Nearly 6 lakh hackers are attacked on Facebook daily.
    6. Every user has been given the facility to block, but  you can not block Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.
    7. on Facebook, there is a Poke. if you ask someone what it means, anyone can tell you what it means. Because Facebook itself  not decided its meaning. But if you use it more, you can get blocked.
    8. Facebook will lose 25 thousand dollars every minute If Facebook’s server goes down
    9. You might be shock to know that Facebook addition is taking the form of a disease.  world are struggling with Facebook addiction disorder. Millions people in the world are affected by FAD.
    10. every year Mark Zuckerberg gets one dollar as salary.
    11. If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world, whose number would be after China, India, America, and Indonesia.
    12. Facebook spends $ 30 million every month on hosting only
    13. In 2011, Facebook was the leading cause of divorce in the US. In America, one out of every 5 marriages is connected to Facebook.
    14. There is a special shortcut to access Mark Zuckerberg’s page on Facebook profile. If you type 4 next to the URL of Facebook, then browser will directly take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s page.
    15. The Constitution of Iceland  was written with the help of Facebook  In 2011.
    16. Facebook denied co-founder Brian Acton of jobs in 2009.
    17. Facebook has 5 most popular brands in the US like Walmart, Target, Samsung Mobile USA, Amazon and Subway.
    18. In 2011, Facebook became a major cause of divorce in the US. Facebook was reported to be one of the 5 divorces married in the US.
    19. The first female engineer to work on Facebook is Ruchi Sanghvi, who gave the idea of a news feed on Facebook.

    Facebook’s Indian FACTS

    * Indians make the most fake accounts

    A report was released by Facebook in November. In this report, the company said that 14.3 million accounts are fake. Most of these fake accounts are made from India.

    * First Indian on Facebook

    Sheila Tandrashekhara Krishnan was the first Indian-origin woman to join Facebook.

    * Facebook’s first female engineer

    Ruchi Sanghvi RUCHI SANGHVI is the first woman engineer to work on Facebook, Ruchi gave the idea of news feed on Facebook. Facebook’s news feed was the most controversial as well as Facebook’s most popular feature.


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